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July 27, 2015


OM117L MainWe are delighted to report that our Omano OM117L 2-in1 Monocular Microscope has been named TopTenReviewsBest Kids’ Microscope  for 2015. The OM117L beats out the My First Lab Duoscope due to “Crystal clear views of solid objects and slides alike help this Omano stand out from other kids microscopes.”

The review went on to report:

“If you are hoping to encourage or inspire an interest in science, a quality microscope is a great place to start. Any child older than toddler age will want something better than a plastic toy microscope but you do not want to invest major money in something that will be used, and possibly abused, by your kids. That’s when the best beginner microscope becomes the perfect purchase. Omano OM117L, our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner, is an ideal purchase. It is a combination of a dissecting and compound microscope that will give impressive views of the microscopic world, whether a specimen is on a slide or is just something your child picked up off the ground.

It even has pleasing design features like a blue and white color scheme. It may seem like a minor point but our young panelists – who were between 8 and 12 years old –made many comments about appearance during the course of our kids microscope reviews. They appreciate colors and said the very close competitor, the My First Lab Duo-Scope was “old looking” with its beige body color and black dials. Omano’s OM117L is a serious scientific instrument that still makes learning fun.”

In our opinion, TopTenReviews hits the nail on the head when referring to the OM117L as a good choice when you are not sure if your youngster has an abiding interest in science. For any child with a more serious interest, we recommend purchasing the Omano OM118-M3 since it is a full size microscope with better optics and features.

The OM117L is a compound microscope used for viewing slide specimens. However, by the simple expedient of adding a top light, the lower 4x and 10x objectives can be used to view a limited range of macro specimens such as insects, feathers etc. The microscopes includes over 50 pcs of useful accessories and is available from or Amazon. READ FULL REVIEW HERE: TopTenReviews

2 thoughts on “BEST KIDS’ MICROSCOPE

  1. Jason says:


    I am a college student in NC and was looking around for good student microscopes. I am a biology major but enjoy doing
    experiments on my own time as well. My questions is I read on that the Accu-Scope 3088-LED Basic Monocular Compound Microscope was a pretty good scope for students. Do you think this is true? Do you have any other recommendations for student microscopes? My budget is like less than $200.00


    1. Charles says:

      Hi Jason
      Thanks for your inquiry. You will be pleased to know that we have better options for less money and I will send you a separate email with details.

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