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September 09, 2014

Cutting Edge Dino-lite Digital Microscopes

After a long winter and a short summer, I was amazed to see that the new Dino-lite Edge Series of handheld digital microscopes have already been on the market for over nine months. Out of curiosity, I took a look at the sales figures to see how they had done. Equally, to my amazement, the AM4815ZT ranked sixth for total sales of all Dino-Lite sales and third among all industrial models.

In other words, the AM4815ZT, with its new Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) benefit is highly successful. It outsells its sibling Edge series models by a factor of six times!

Originally, the Edge Series models were introduced in response to customer feedback. They all include a greater range of magnification (5x-1140x), even greater image resolution, longer working distance and the least aberration and vignetting of the entire Dino-Lite range.

Two important benefits were also added to individual Edge models:

  1. On-screen magnification display – AM4515ZT and AM4515ZTL
  2. Extended depth of field – AM4815ZT and AM4815ZTL

Curiously, in spite of customer feedback regarding on-screen magnification, sales of the AM4515ZT/ZTL have been tepid, at best.

What has become clear is that customers have a genuine need for EDOF. Useful for achieving clear images in a more vertical plane, such as bolts, holes, fabrications among others, the AM4815ZT and AM4815ZTL actually has a small electric motor inside the unit. When activated, the motor rotates the magnification wheel in 11 equal, minute, increments, stopping and capturing an image at each point.

It’s brilliant….and it works!

The only drawback to the Edge Series is that they are not Mac compatible, but given the industrial focus this appears not to be a major issue.

Dino-Lite have suggested that they may introduce the EDOF on more models although we have no information on timing. You can view the product details of the AM4815ZT by clicking here.