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June 07, 2011

Dino-Lite Price Reductions

Mosquito head show with a Dino-Lite digital microscope

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Great news from Dino-Lite! After facing cheap, knock-offs priced under $100, Dino-Lite have lowered the price on their AM2011 USB digital microscope to $99 and to $149 for the AM3011. We had discussed this idea with them a few weeks ago since, up until now, they have not had a microscope priced under $100. As a result, they have been missing out on some Consumer sales.

It is a good move because, the AM2011 is plain better than the copycats; higher quality industrial design and construction, more robust software and most important, better optics and resolution. Moreover, Mac users will be pleased to hear that it is both PC and Mac compatible for later versions, which is hard to find in competing products.

The AM2011 offers 10-200x variable magnification, 640×480 pixel resolution, USB 2.0 output and 4 White LED lights integrated in the nosecone. The main difference to the AM3011 is that the latter has 8 white LEDs that are controllable in the software. The AM3011T also offers a touch trigger mechanism to capture images without using the keyboard.