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October 05, 2015

Introducing Euromex Microscopes

iScope Bino High is delighted to introduce Euromex Microscopes for the first time in the US. Designed and made in Holland, Euromex have all the hallmarks of intelligent design and European craftsmanship combined with superb optics and remarkably affordable pricing. Their value equation is irresistible to high end Life Science Research Labs, High Schools and Universities.

iScope Biological Microscope – Research Quality
For the most demanding Laboratory applications, Euromex offers the iScope Series of biological microscopes. Characterized by first class optics, the iScopes are available in brightfield, brightfield/darkfield or phase configurations with either binocular or trinocular microscope heads. The optics are directly comparable to the Nikon E400 and Olympus CX41. Unlike these competing models, however, iScope includes the highly innovative and proprietary NeoLED™ illuminaton that materially enhances resolution while iScope also sports a premium, rackless mechanical stage plus a clever, cable storage system for more efficient storage.

High end Life Science laboratories need such high quality optics. Now such optics are available at prices that are up to 60% cheaper than ‘Big 4’ prices. At, we are impressed. The value equation is compelling and their timing is perfect. Life Science Laboratories are shopping online in a way that they did not used to do and with the Big 4’s continued reluctance to join the 21st Century on the internet, Euromex has an open market.

NZ1903 S LOWRESNexiusZoom Stereo Microscope
Similarly, Euromex’s NexiusZoom offers the same value equation for Materials Sciences. The NexiusZoom has a 6.7x-45x zoom, also with NeoLED™ technology and with such excellent resolution that the microscope retains its resolution through the full available magnification range of 3.35x-180x. – a remarkable feat given a price tag of just $629.00. You can find the NexiusZoom and other Euromex microscopes online at in a variety of configurations designed for schools, quality inspection and other applications.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Euromex Microscopes

  1. Ryanaiden says:

    This is really of great use in most of the laboratory applications. Currently I am working as a junior analyst in a pharmaceutical company and have used three different versions of microscopes with camera and image analysis software of some other brand. My question is, does it come with specialized image analysis and database software? Is it compatible with Mac?

    1. Charles says:

      Hi Ryan
      We have a number of excellent cameras and imaging systems. However, it is a longer conversation to fully understand your application and requirement before making a recommendation. Please do call us toll free on 877-409-3556 when we look forward to being of service.

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