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Affordable Microscopes for Everyday Use

November 13, 2008

As visions of microscopes and crickets danced in their heads …

What are you getting your child for Christmas this year? A Wii? “Guitar Hero”? An iPod? How about a digital microscope camera that is small enough to fit in his hand? The Dino-Lite digital microscopes have been flying off the shelves since their entry into the microscopy world, making them the “IT” item to have right now.

We just posted a selection of holiday specials that run the gamut at We are offering everything from compound microscopes for kids to Dino-Lite digital microscopes to research-grade binocular microscopes for medical students and more experienced microscopists.

Many of these holiday specials are bundled with prepared microscope slides,  Usborne’s popular book “The World of the Microscope,” and some even come with an innovative “specimen” — an edible, grape-flavored cricket lollipop! Farm-raised in the USA and sugar-free, your kid can view and photograph the lollipop … then EAT it!

Cricket Lollipop

View all of our holiday specials here.