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Affordable Microscopes for Everyday Use

November 21, 2014


One of the great things about selling microscopes is that our customers are so varied and interesting. We just helped subsidize some microscopes for the Brooklyn Urban Garden School or BUGS, which purchased some Omano OMTM-L teaching microscope. BUGS is a new charter school in Brooklyn with an interesting mission to ” focus on real-world problem solving and the exploration of environmental sustainability”. It’s  a Middle School alternative to the public school system with a genuinely hands-on, experential approach to learning.

Microscopes fits right into that objective! In this case, the OMTM85-L which is a dual-headed monocular microscope so that two kids or teacher can look at the image at the same time. Unsurprisingly, it has proved an enduringly popular choice for home school and public schools.

Dan Strauss, the Science Coordinator reports that when initially opened, the classroom echoed to cries of  “Whoa….check it out”….”That’s so cool” and “I feel like a real scientist”….and that was just looking at the letter ‘E’! Music to a teacher’s ear!